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Before it was Pacific Palisades, it was film director Thomas Ince's Western film factory, then the site of the Southern California Methoist Episcopal Church. In 1922, Charles H. Scott, one of those who had made the church deal, established it as Pacific Palisades. What he had in mind was an elaborate religious/intellectual commune. Adherents snapped up adjacent land, living in tents or cabins while more substantial homes were built.

Today, some million dollar homes dot the city, along with older, less expensive homes that are holdovers from the earlier era. Wherever and however you live in the city, there is a mobile notary who is standing by for the telephone call that will take him or her anywhere, any time that you need his or her specialized services. Many of today's documents, such as wills, deeds, mortgage papers, powers of attorney, adoption papers and many others require by law the authenticating seal that tells the world that this document has been witnessed and that it meets the law's requirement.

During the 1930s and 1940s, the area attracted many exiles from Nazi Germany and other European countries who were escaping the horrors of the holocaust. A diverse expatriate community grew, centered in the Spanish Colonial home of Lion and Marta Fuechtwanger. Their home was dubbed "Weimar by the Sea."

In this part of California, the entertainment industry tends to slop over into many of the communities, and Pacific Palisades is no exception. For instance, the young performers in the teen show "Saved By the Bell," 1989-93) often reference the fact that their school is located in this city. A list of more than a dozen movies and TV shows the connections to the entertainment world. Among them, "Freaky Friday," the notable Disney epic of switched identities, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in the lead roles.

The plush atmosphere that goes with the industry is reflected in the Riviera, one of the Palisades neighborhoods. An upscale country club, and street names that mirror locations on the French and Italian Rivieras mark it out as special. The country club hosts the Genesis Open on the PGA Tour as well as other prime golfing events. Famed golfer Ben Hogan won three championships in less than 18 months on this course, lending his name to "Hogan's Alley. During the upcoming 2028 Summer Olympics, it will host the world golf competitions.

If you're looking for a spot to meet with one of the Palisades mobile notaries, you might think of the Palisades Park, where you could transact business in just minutes before choosing among the park's many offers of sport or entertainment. Tennis, anyone? Not to mention baseball courts, a football field, children's playgrounds, and indoor gymnasium and all kinds of other amenities. Come to think of it, maybe the mobile notary would like to stick around for some of the entertainment as well.

There are other notable places to visit, including the Eames House, the 1949 home of design pioneers Charles and Ray Eames, The Getty Village, an education center/museum dedicated to the study of arts and cultures of Greece, Rome and Etruria, and Villa Aurora, an artists' residence and historic relic located in the former Fuechtwanger home. If nothing else, there is plenty of ocean air and ocean view to go around, so if you're bored in Pacific Palisades you're getting just what you deserve.

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