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Home of the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl. It is possible but not necessarily probable that you will see the little old lady from Pasadena driving a Dodge down Colorado Boulevard which by the way is the main route of the Tournament of Roses Parade. Back in 1964 the song, "The Little Old Lady (from Pasadena)" became a hit based on a Dodge commercial focusing on the women in Pasadena who have become widows.

The mobile notary public in Pasadena when driving around town may approach a fork in the road on Bellenfontaine Street. On the surface, this may seem typical but not for Pasadena. Because when we say fork we mean literally a huge fork that looks like it came out of Land of the Giants. This statue of a wooden 18-foot fork has become a local spot to have food drives.

While heading to another client, the Notaries may pass an unusual home shaped like a huge bubble. This place is an Airform house which is the last surviving Home of its kind. Located on S. Los Robles Ave., it was built in around the end of World War II. The main thought process behind building an Airdome shaped house was the speedy way to solve a housing crisis. The architect Wallace Neff came up with the idea to inflate a balloon and then have it covered with chicken wire and sprayed with Gunite thus 48 hours later the house is built. This was a quick solution to a major housing problem.

Pasadena Old law still on the books, it is illegal for a secretary to be alone in a room with her boss.

One continuous battle amongst our notaries is which city has the smartest ones LOL! The notary publics in Pasadena claim because Einstein taught at Caltech as a visiting professor for three different winters 1931, 1932 and 1933 that they win the claim to fame as being brainiac's. Quite a stretch! It would be like saying that because Einstein lived his first winter in 1931 at 707 S. Oakland Ave. that the new current residences are geniuses.

Living close to where TV and motion pictures are produced, it is common for a resident to attend a free movie screening. There is one caveat to attending the screenings, no cell phones of any kind are allowed in the theater. Well you can always tell the difference between someone from Pasadena or an outlying area in the theater as the Pasadena residences still read books. Yes real ones with actual paper and pages. There's always about a 30 to 60 minute wait time prior to the movie actually starting so they go to Vroman's bookstore which is been open for 120 years and pick up a book before going to the screenings. The rest of the movie goers attend counseling afterwards as they had to go through cell phone withdrawal.

We'll let you in on a secret, our mobile notaries avoid Colorado Boulevard like the plague. It has tons of traffic and traffic lights. Instead we use Green Street or Union Street they both parallel Colorado Boulevard and is a much more pleasant ride. Regardless, we come to you so no need to worry about traffic, fuel, and directions. Notary in South Pasadena

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