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Civil War hero Thomas Law Reed started it all. He settled in this Fresno County area of California after his service and began to grow wheat to meet the appetites of the Gold Rush hopefuls who poured into the area. As the phantom of the gold boom fizzled, he joined others to reap the agricultural bounties of the land. When he donated land for a railroad station, he assured that the resulting town would take his name permanently.

The town has attracted an array of ethnic groups and today's population remains diverse and multicultural. One of the first groups to lay down roots was a colony of German Memmonites. The various groups have contributed to the flavor of Reedley and they work to maintain their own cultural amenities while contributing to a strong central community spirit.

Acting on the town's declaration of itself as "The World's Fruit Basket," Reedley holds a number of festivals throughout the year, each organized around its agricultural and multi-ethnic base. The town boasts 41 organizations and 12 civic clubs including groups sponsored by Filipinos, Finns, Lebanese, Hispanic and Latiinos, Japanese and others. The presence of a group of mobile notaries in the town (population about 20,500) is a given. They are there to serve the needs of this diverse community, who all have the same requirements for legal documents, regardless of the country of their origin. They all need and apreciate the services provided by the notaries.

Downtown Reedley retains some of its historic buildings. The old Reedley National Bank Building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. At the same time, the community has a nice choice of modern dining and shopping sites. Several art galleries satisfy the appetites of those with a cultural taste. If you include yourself in that category, arrange for a tour of the galleries and then connect with a traveling notary to take care of essential business. Mixing business and pleasure is kind of the Reedley way of doing things. Cap off the day with a visit to the Reedley Opera House for a musical presentation or spend some time in the Reedley Museum. a repository for both local and Central California memorabilia. Included in its collections is an exceptional showing of Yokuts Indian artifacts that focus on the pre-European/Mexican history of the area. The museum evolved out of the old City Hall property, which included the police and fire department headquarters.

You may not believe in ghosts, but Reedley has several reports of haunted locales, such as the old Clovis Sanitarium-cum-Halloween attraction. Non-believers are challenged to explain the many 911 calls that originate from the building -- which has no telephone line. If you want to flout the notion of unworldly tenants in the building, better take a traveling notary on your excursion through the hunted house --- just in case.

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