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We are not playing games with you here, this is really true... San Jose locals seem to enjoy board games normally played indoors but featured as super-sized versions at an outdoor venue such as a park or plaza. An actual playable monopoly game considered the largest version in the world is located in California's discovery meadow in San Jose California. With the average monopoly game taking two hours, our notary in San Jose would have to be on an extended lunch break to finish the game! At Santana Row, an outdoor shopping mall, there's a huge chess board game that also doubles as playable art. Fun to play when taking a shopping break.

With our Mobile notaries loving to drive, one of our favorite spots to travel is Mount Hamilton observatory. The notary meanders through the long and winding roads to reach the end reward of an amazing sight. Upon arrival, you can't help but be in awe of the fabulous views.

Being a traveling notary you get to visit all sorts of areas that you never even knew existed. Some of them are unique in their own way such as the Rose garden neighborhood. This area is an old historical architecturally beautiful section of San Jose. The huge homes have pristine landscaping in a family friendly environment. The neighborhood is filled with culture and contains the must visit Rosicrucian Egyptian museum and planetarium.

When traveling through San Jose, take a break and enjoy walking through the Emma Prusch Farm Park which contains an Orchard with over 125 exotic and rare fruit trees both tropical and citrus. The park has demonstrations and a community center filled with educational programs.

San Jose has some unique interesting little facts such as its known to be California's oldest settlement. And San Jose is the location of about a third of all venture capital funds for businesses in the US. Also, it's home of the largest library west of the Mississippi based in the San Jose State University and named after Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Another amazing little fact is that the large city of San Jose is one of the safest, ranking number three in America. It boasts low crime rates. But the large price tag for housing makes it difficult for the average person to afford as it ranks as one of the most expensive places to hang your hat. So oddly enough, San Jose has one of the highest populations of homeless people.

San Jose residences do enjoy their professional sports teams. They have a national hockey league team called the San Jose Sharks, a minor-league baseball team called the San Jose Giants and a professional soccer team called the San Jose earthquakes.

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