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In the late 1880s, railroaders knew the area as Sanger Junction. It was supposedly named for Joseph Sanger Jr., secretary-treasurer of the Railroad Yardmasters Association, who was said to have visited many of the California rails in 1887. The railroad, through the Pacific Improvement Co., also was the impetus for the sale of building lots in Sanger and the location of the first post office in the town.

Lumber from the high Sierras and agricultural products such as grains and citrus fruits also passed through Sanger via rail. Eventually, progress caught up to the town and the railroad depot was retired. In 1977 it became a local museum. That's a good local spot to meet a Sanger mobile notary, one of that great bunch of professionals who stand by waiting for the call that sends them into action. They are trained and become experts in all of the many documents that required a notary's seal to be authentic.

In 1948, Sanger gained some seasonal importance when it was named "National Christmas Tree City by the U.S. Postal Service. Earlier, the General Grant Tree had been designated the National Christmas Tree by President Calvin Coolidge.

Over time, the origin of the name of the town, which incorporated in 1911, was in question. Was it really Joseph Sanger Jr. whose name was first attached to the railroad stop, or another notable who left his or her monicker at the site? After a whole lot of research, city historians found that the most likely source of the name was Alice B. Sanger, who worked for 40 years for the USPS. She was, ironically, the daughter of Joseph, who, as it turned out, didn't actually visit the site in the 1880s. The Post Office arbitrarily named the town for the "Betsy Ross" of the post office system, apparently without being aware of her father's association with the town.

Besides Christmas trees, what makes Sanger special? How about a string of ghost stories? For instance, after several reports of specters roaming the offices of the Sanger Herald, a team of paranormal investigators set up detectors in the newspaper offices and press room. They reported the presence of a lady dressed in white and a baby that tended to make its presence felt by crying.

Moving on to the Del Rey Cemetery, you might catch a whispered conversation or two and be unable to find the source. There also have been reports of a headstone that glows in the dark. Studies haven't verified the reports, but then -- that's the nature of ghosts, isn't it? More reports of a woman in white come from those who have spotted her meandering down the Snake Road. The snakes are real. Motorists encounter them now and again on the winding road. But the ghost lady? You get to decide.

It might be a good topic for discussion with the traveling notary who oversees the signing of the many documents generated by a house purchase. He or she probably can't assure you that there are not already women in white who haunt your new home, but can assuredly see that all the I's are dotted and the T's crossed so your purchase is assured.

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