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Our mobile notary in Santa Ana shared with us an interest local fact, Toastmasters was started here in a building basement on Civic Center Drive. The notaries when going from client to client occasionally drive by the now boarded up place which was the brain child of Ralph Smedley as he wanted to help youths with public speaking. Here's to chatting up a storm!

The Santa Ana resident Joseph Prentice was not monkeying around when he donated land to the city. In fact, one requirement was the use of the land as a zoo that must have at minimum 50 monkeys at all times. How do you like them bananas!

The Orange County Courthouse is quite the movie star as it has been in many films dating back to 1915. The picturesque natural beauty of this Historic landmark revealing it's Romanesque revival has made it a choice spot for many different movie scenes. Join in with the traveling notary in Santa Ana and take a quick selfie in front of this medieval European style building.

If your home has an architectural flair with an interesting backstory, it too one day could possibly be uprooted and moved to another location to be appreciated by all Santa Ana residences, as the city of Santa Ana has done in the past so that it can conveniently be visited by everyone. Such homes include the Clifton house, the Duggan house, The Dr Willella Howe-Waffle house, the Kellogg house, and the Mag house. The mobile notary in Santa Ana appreciates history and architect so at minimum driving by these homes between clients when in the area is a must.

For you fishing fans, one of the mobile notaries in Santa Ana wanted to pass on this little secret. . . Each week Lake Irvine gets restocked and you don't need a fishing license. The water in the lake comes from the Santa Ana mountains. It's east of them in Silverado and just north east of the Notary in Irvine. Well, the cats out of the bag much to the chagrin of the Notary in Silverado.

One Road to avoid like the plague for the notary in Santa Ana is the Brea Canyon Road especially at night. It appears that there are ghostly hitchhikers on that road. The only hitchhiking ghosts we like to encounter are the one in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland! But for those of you who love paranormal activity, here are some more local ghostly haunts: the Yost theater where the security team and stagehands have bare witnessed to some resident ghosts, the Anaheim performing arts center where sounds of footsteps and whistling shrieks ones ears, and The Frida cinema. Enter at your own risk!

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