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In the 1870s, the advent of railroad service through California's Central Valley gave rise to a string of whistle-stops where rail cars were laden with local agricultural produce to move on to coast markets. Selma was one of them. The town grew in 1880 when a group of farmers developed a township alongside the railroad facilities. The response to the sale of building lots was very successful and in just three years, Selma incorporated.

Eventually, the modern world shifted and rail cars lost preeminence in the transport of agricultural products. The handsome Selma railroad depot that had sheltered passengers while they waited for the trains transformed into Selma's police station.

A water-driven flour mill, powered by the C&K Canal, became a key factor in the local economy in the late 20th century. Selma settled into an era fueled by agriculture, include the production of raisins. In thr 1960s, the city claimed to be "The Raisin Capital of the World." Then the title changed to "The Home of the Peach" or, tongue-in-cheek, "A Peach of a City." The focus of the city's agricultural emphasis may have changed, but the availability of local mobile attorneys has been consistent for many years. It only takes a phone call to bring a qualified notary to wherever you would like to meet.

At one time, that meeting place likely would have been in the old center of the city, but with changing times, there was a downtown decline and a shift to the north and east. An old highway that had run parallel to the town's railroad tracks became a freeway, as did hundreds of other local traffic corridors in California as populations grew. The city's oldest residential neighborhood was bisected and the old traffic patterns changed. The arrival of a giant WalMart on the northwest edge of town effectively changed the de facto center of the city as the 21st century arrived.

Today, Selma has become largely a bedroom community for the workers who travel to Folsom, which offers more jobs. But the traveling notaries who have served Selma for many years are a permanent fixture that can be counted on for vital notary services on short notice, if necessary and at a location of your choice.

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