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In the old days, Studio City was called Laurelwood, but after several incarnations as southern California communities arm-wrestled for space, changing boundaries seemingly every fifteen minutes, the title Studio City was settled on and it has stuck.

There's a little of everything in Studio City (including mobile notaries, should you need important documents authenticated), but its progress into a viable city has been greatly influenced by the evolution of the entertainment industry. Actor Mack Sennett began building a movie studio on 20 acres donated by a local land developer in 1927 and gave it the name Studio City, the name that was the origin of the city's final designation.

The old Studio City Theater is now occupied by a branch of Barnes and Noble book stores, but if you are a movie buff looking for a stroll down Memory Lane, there is always the Universal Studio Tours. Considered a must-see for tourists in the area, it features a bus tour that is hosted by Jimmy Fallon. The lot covers four acres and more than 13 city blocks, so there's plenty of room for action. Interactive opportunities make movie lore real and there's plenty of good food, including one of the most popular Hard Rock Cafes in the country. What's not to like?

Those who crave healthful eating can mark their calendars for Sundays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. to catch the Studio City Farmers' Market. Why not make an appointment with one of the Studio City traveling notaries and get the signatures on important documents authorized and then amble through the stalls of fresh fruits and veggies? The plus: all the profits from this venture go back to the community. The market also hosts a petting zoo, pony rides, a train ride and face-painting to keep the kids entertained while you and the notary take care of business.

Take just two steps into Coldwater Canyon Park and you'll see why it's a favorite with the locals. The park offers scenic views on every hand. There's no bad day to visit this community jewel and there is plenty to occupy the children while adults just take a break from the work-day world to refresh and rejuvenate. The city also has other parks and a good choice of recreation opportunities.

Pinz Bowling Alley goes beyond the ordinary lanes with a design and layout that make it a great destination for family and/or friends. Its amenities will, to coin a pun, just bowl you over. The alley has been featured on shows such as Modern Family and Botched.

When you're ready for a sit-down break, take in the Dinner Detective,which combines great food with the opportunity to solve a hilarious murder case. Beware! The killer could be sitting right at your table! It's interactive entertainment at its best. You'll be more relaxed and able to get your wits to work on the solution if you have taken care of essential business with one of Studio City's notaries before you stop in at the Dinner Detective.

You can take a turn at the Sportsmen's Lodge if you aren't afraid of ghosts. Reportings of spectral images run rampant. The lodge has hosted such notables as Bobby Kennedy, who stayed there the night before he was assassinated. Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, John wayne and other Hollywood notables have added their names to the lodge's registers. Rumors abound that Alfalfa of Our Gang was killed in a bar that once sat on the lodge property, but no one has ever proved that the rumors are true. It's all part of Studio City's mystique and mystery.

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