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Hungry for a buffalo burger? They'll be happy to serve you one at (where else? the old Buffalo Inn in Upland. That's a good place to refresh after finishing your business with the traveling notary in this center of California's citrus-growing area. Perhaps that Upland Notary would even like to join you at the Inn or in one of the city's many other restaurants to take care of essential business. Certifying your documents is what he does best. He (or she) is one of those notaries who have wheels and will travel. And they like to share what they know of their home towns.

The town is loaded with places to shop and/or relax. The full roster of popular stores is at hand, from pet shops to department stores.

Before you settle down to a refreshing meal (you might like to try the new Chilis) hit the must-sees, such as the Cooper Regional History Museum, where you can learn all you want to know about this part of the Inland Empire, starting with the native Americans who were in the area when white people came to take advantage of the rich agricultural resources.

The city, now boasting near 75,000 residents, was called North Ontario until incorporating in 1906, when it became Upland.

If you were a traveling notary in the area, you'd already know that famed Route 66, THE east-west American corridor until the vast freeway system began making inroads on its fame. Now essentially erased from the map, there still are bits of the route that you can see as you drive along Foothill Blvd. One of the sights along the way is an old McDonald's with the classic Golden Arches.

Nestled at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, with a splendid view of Mount Baldy as a backdrop,it's a given that there is access to marvelous hiking and recreation. You don't want to miss the Madonna of the Trail, a feature of the trail that proceeds north from Foothill Blvd. Park at Von's shopping center and then forget the cares of the day and hike to your heart's content. Get your best "hello" ready, because it's a friendly bunch that uses the trail. Even repeat hikers enjoy the 12 monuments spaced along the three-mile trail. They represent the spirit of pioneer women who have left a great legacy in this country. The monuments are the gift of the National Society of The Revolution.

When your business with the Upland notary is finished, you'll still have time to visit the Guasti Regional Park, only minutes from the heart of downtown. Swimming and water actvities are a refreshing option after a busy day, so head for the lagoon in the park. You can fish with a permit, and the small hills behind the park were made for hiking and exploring.

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