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Despite several efforts to disincorporate it, Vernon has survived as a city that is "exclusively industrial," with meatpacking concerns and warehouses as the main buildings. In the 2010 Census, just 112 residents were listed, making it the smallest of California's communities. Just five miles south of downtown Los Angeles, it is a suburb that has fought to remain an entity unto itself.

When a state legislator responded to reports of corruption in Vernon's government by sponsoring a bill to disincorporate all communities with fewer than 150 residents (only Vernon met that criterion) The little town got surprising support from local chambers of commerce and labor organizations to fend off the move. While acknowledging that the town was in need of housecleaning, the supporters stood behind its right to be a city. The legislature finally came up with a list of demands, including an edict that Vernon set aside $60 million for community betterment and a list of local government reforms. With these caveats, the bill to disincorporate died and Vernon survived as a legitimate community.

The city set about making reforms, including slashing salaries for the city council members from $70,000 annually to $25,000 and putting limits on salaries for city administrators. Term limits were placed on council members and representation was assured for business and labor interests. The legal battles continue, but Vernon is determined to remain a city.

The city is admittedly small, but it boasts the services of mobile notaries who are vital to the personal and business-centered interests of the community. The notaries are fully trained in all aspects of the profession, ready to witness and put their seal to deeds, wills, powers of attorney, mortgage documents, living wills and a whole long list of documents that are required by law to have the notary's seal or that could ever face a legal challenge. A phone call will bring a notary to any place in Vernon that you care to meet.

How Vernon got into its current spot as California's smallest incorporated city covers a lot of ground. The Battle of La Mesa occurred here in 1847 when General Stephen W. Kearny defeated General Jose on the day following Kearny's victory in the Battle of Rio San Gabriel. It was the era of the Mexican/American war as the two countries battled for the control of California. The war ended in 1848 when the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo ceded a large swath of Mexican lands to the Americans. By the end of the 1800s, the area was a stretch of grassland near a booming Los Angeles.

Vernon was incorporated in 1905 by ranchers James J. and Thomas J. Furlong and John B. Leonis, a merchant, who promoted industrial development along the area's railroads. They persuaded railroad officials to run spurs off the main lines to accommodate the manufacturers who had settled in the area. Leonis adopted the name of a dirt road, Vernon, for the city's name. For a time, the community had the "world's longest bar," a 100-foot long bar that required the services of 37 bartenders. When industrialists from the East came to see heavyweight matches in Vernon's 7,000-seat boxing arena, Leonis would try to convince them to bring their facilities to Vernon. Some of them did, purchasing their electrical power from Vernon Light and Power. For a time, Studebaker automobiles were produced in the local factory. It produced an average 84 cars per day. It closed in 1956. Now it is the location for St. Regis Paper.

Among the companies that found a home in Vernon are the Vernon Kilns, an offshoot of the Ponon China Company. The company produced exclusive china products, but suffered earthquake and fire disasters that cramped it s ability to compete with cheaper imports. In 1958, Vernon Kilns sold its holdings to Metox, which continued to produce some of the earlier company's shapes in dinnerware, art pottery, figurines, ash trays and other items, using clays from Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and England.

Along with industry, Vernon focused on sports. It had its boxing arena and a baseball park, hosting minor league teams. The Vernon Tigers won their league championship three kyears ina row, but disbanded in 1925.

While still maintaining its personality as an industrial town, Vernon today is trying to modernize and open its doors to new residents. The opening of the Vernon Village Park Apartments nearly doubled the population. Though it still struggles to finance itself as a city (residents killed a bid for new taxes by a vote of 23 to 14) Vernon has a past that suggests it will continue to support the designation of city. A more diverse population is eroding old power patterns and the city's $100 million in investments and cash is likely to bolster efforts to maintain its status.

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