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Founded in 1870 by The Rev. Lemuel Webber as a Presbyterian temperance settlement, Westminster was not a good place for wine-growers to find help. Members of the community, in keeping with the Westminster Assembly of 1634 in England, would not harvest grapes, which they associated with alcohol.

But that's all in the past now. Incorporated in 1957, this community has some unique features that set it apart. For instance, it has a large number of Vietnamese refugees, who immigrated to the area in the 1980s. They gave the name to the area of the town know as Little Saigon. The gathering of Southeastern emigrants gave rise to its reputation as "the capital" of overseas Vietnam, with a claim of 40.2 percent of Westminster's total population.

In 1996, as any one of the local mobile notaries will boast, the city was recipient of the All-America City Award. Those notaries are part of a community that has a reputation for welcoming and accommodating all comers.

One of the effects of the Vietnamese concentration in the area is the spread of the culture via their American businesses. An example is the Asian Garden Mall, the first Vietnamese-American business center in Little Saigon. Many of those who arrived as refugees from the devastating war in Southeast Asia soon became business owners and the Asian influence is felt in the local culture as well. A number of television and radio stations and newspapers offer their programs in Vietnamese. Each year in late January or early February, the Vietnamese Lunar Festival (Tet) is celebrated.

Westminster has become the center of a thriving pop music industry aimed at Vietnamese populations around the world. Several recording studios produce music for refugees in Australia, France and Germany as well as the United States. As many as 30 studios once operated in Little Saigon, but copyright problems have trimmed the number.

With all of that Asian influence, however, Westminster has its own historical relics. One is a tale of a nurse, Edna Alcom, who was jilted by her lover. He reportedly showed a preference for a woman with red hair. Now, the story goes, the jilted nurse is prone to get feisty with red-heads who cross her path, showing her displeasure by shutting off lights and closing doors.

You might suggest to the Westminster traveling notary you have called on to notarize important documents such as proofs of purchase, wills, powers of attorney, etc. etc., that someone try to get the disappointed nurse together with the other local ghost, a sailor who tends to sit always in the same seat of the local auditorium. Maybe they could work something out.

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