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Fans who have followed the athletic adventures of UCLA (That's the University of California/Los Angeles in a more formal conversation) might be interested to know that the city of Westwood kind of grew up around the university, rather than the university settling into an already well-established city.

How that happened is that the city was officially developed in the 1919 era and the predecessor of the university opened in 1926, becoming the magnet that drew more residents to the community. Today, there are some 47,000 residents in the community, located in the north central portion of the Westside region of Los Angeles. The residents are generally young and moderately diverse, with a fairly high level of income and education.

That's what a group of mobile attorneys need to do the best possible job they can. The "mobile" part of the title means that when you call with a need for the notary's services, they will go the extra mile to make things convenient for you, arranging to meet wherever and whenever suits you best. In today's busy world, the number of personal documents that require a notary's witness and seal is growing. The purpose is to protect your interests, guaranteeing against legal challenges. Just make the call if you have questions about the requirements.

Even though Westwood began to boom in the 1920s. its history goes back many years. It went through the common California sequence of Native American, Spanish and Mexican periods and the ceding of the west coast to the United States at the end of the Mexican/American War. Westwood arose after the turn of the century on lands that had comprised the historic Wolfskill Ranch. Arthur Letts, founder of the Broadway and Bullock's department stores, purchased the bulk of the ranch and upon his death, his son-in-law Harold James inherited the land and began building homes.

Then came UCLA, which grew so fast it needed a new campus, which was built in the Westwood HIlls area. The owners sold the landl at a greatly reduced price because they saw the value of a growing university. The new campus opened in 1929.

Besides the university, what's to see and do in Westwood? The city's proximity to the entertainment capital of California made it a natural for an extension of the industry. One of the best-known of the local celebrities was Marilyn Monroe. After her tragic death, apparently of a drug overdose, in August 1962, she was buried in the Westwood Village Memorial Center. Her former husband, baseball star Joe DiMaggio, directed the affair, though they had divorced after only a brief marriage. At the time, it was a quiet, obscure small-town cemetery. DiMaggio chose it because Marilyn's childhood guardian, Grace Goddard and her surrogate mother, Ana Lower, both were buried there.

Ironically, Marilyn's presence in the cemetery promoted others to choose it as well. Dean Martin, Jack Lemmon, Rodney Dangerfield, Roy Orbison, Frank Zappa, Truman Capote, Ray Bradbury and Billy Wilder are among those whose graves are in the cemetery. Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame bought the tomb next to Marilyn's in 1992, so he could, as he said, "spend eternity alongside Playboy's first Playmate." DiMaggio had roses placed on her burial site (crypt No. 24) three times a week for 20 years. Today's many fans of the deceased Hollywood icon continue to leave objects of adoration, letters and other items at the site.

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