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For some 8,000 years, Native American tribes roamed the area where Woodland Hills was established in the late 1700s. The San Fernando Valley followed a pattern similar to that of other California locales, hosting first the Spanish settlers who were given land grants by Spain and then supplanted by American pioneers who came into the area after the Mexican War. Agricultural pursuits gradually gave way to modernization. The community, first known as Girard, was renamed in 1945 when it incorporated as Woodland Hills.

The 300 pepper trees planted by Victor Girard Kleinberger formed a canopy over Canoga Avenue in the 20s and beyond. They were among the total 120,000 trees Kleinberger planted to attract people to his town. Today, it's typical southern California, a suburb of the Los Angeles mega conglomeration of cities that surround LA. It offers all the advantages for which the region is famed, including mobile notary publics who will provide you their services at any location you choose.

Many California communities boast of haunted haunts, but in Woodland Hills, it's high-tech entertainment. The House at Haunted Hills has a long Halloween-time run that draws crowds from dusk to midnight for a hair-raising experience generated by advanced special effects. You watch from the safety of the street as the show, ala Disney's Haunted House, goes on. The creators established two rules at the onset: No one pays to see the production, and the scare factor is mild. No blood and gore to send children screaming from the place.

Another local attraction, as any of the traveling notaries will tell you, is the Old Trapper's Lodge statues. John Ehn, a former animal tracker, established the motel, filling it up with western memorabilia such as weapons, pelts and other reminders of his former occupation. When that didn't work to build a big clientele, he decided to hire a sculptor, Claude Bell, to make him some statues too big to ignore. Bell had a history of work with Cabazon Dinosaur and Knott's Berry Farm entertainment centers. For Ehn, he conceived of an Old West theme that sported over-sized cowboys, Indians, miners, saloon girls and other characters of the genre. He cooked up an entire cemetery, his version of an old "Boot Hill." In 1985, Ehn's property was sold to Pierce College, where sightseers still can see Bell's work. Anonymous volunteers maintain the statues and keep the trail clear for visitors.

Among the attractions that bring people to Woodland Hills, including the friendly mobile notaries who ply their work at any location the client prefers, is the local Country Club, a private equity golf club. It is replete with fine dining and entertainment options.

The Warner Center Ranch Park has children's playground areas and picnic facilities. Other family-centered choices are Serrania Park and Alizondo Drive Park.

Hikers, bikers and horse lovers find their outdoor recreation at Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, which boasts miles of trails for their outings. Near by is the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and the Top of Topanga Overlook. In all, the local notaries brag, there is something in or near Woodland Hills for everyone.

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