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Issaquah? Now what kind of word is that? Well, the folks who live there say it derives from a Native American word that means "sound of birds," "little stream," "snake" or "Squak Valley." Take your pick. But don't let the name keep you from learning more about this charming Washington city that has a fascinating history that includes coal mining, hops-farming, lumbering and good urban living.

Issaquah incorporated in 1892, just a few years after the community was the scene of an attack on Chinese laborers who picked hops for the local farmers. It began as a mining town, but as the mines ran out of readily-mined ores in the 1890s, lumbering became a mainstay. In modern times, Boeing and Microsoft established aerospace industries in the town, significantly affecting its evolution. Also in the local phone directories are companies such as Siemens Medical Solutions, Ultrasound Group, GoldSim Technology Group, Overtime Technologies and others.

Ask one of Issaquah's mobile notaries to suggest a local attraction where you can meet to have documents authorized and he may suggest a trail head in the Issaquah Alps area, which features hiking and other recreation opportunities. Make a choice among Tiger Mountain, Cougar Mountain or Squak Mountain for a refreshing day outdoors.

Downtown, you can catch the Issaquah Valley Trolley for a heritage-themed ride through the old part of the city. The local historical society has worked for a long time, going through several gyrations, to make the trolley a reality. Regular public rides have been available since 2012.

Live performances in the Village Theatre have been a local attraction since 1979. It's right in downtown Issaquah, so you won't have to hurry. Plenty of time to get essential documents notarized by an Issaquah notary before the curtain goes up on yet another community tradition.

Of course, the main occasion for button-busting pride here is the Salmon Days Festival, an award-winning community celebration that occurs on the first full weekend in October. The obligatory parade focuses on the annual miracle of the return of salmon from the ocean to their birth waters and on the history and culture of Issaquah. Arts and crafts enthusiasts piggy-back on the annual festival to sponsor conventions and their displayed works are up for sale to the many festival-goers. Food, live music, entertainment, sports comopetitions and other home-town events are all on the agenda. Need a break? Contact a local traveling notary and have him or her meet you at the restored Salmon Hatchery to get a real-life view of what the festival is about. Then you can sign, have your signature notarized and you'll have seen the best of Issaquah.

Save your visits to the Gilman Village shopping center, the Cougar Mountain Zoo and other local sites until another time when you aren't so exhausted.

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