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There isn't a ghost of a chance that you can avoid the spirits said to haunt Seattle. There are a half dozen haunted buildings that have spine-tingling stories to tell of restless dead folk who refuse to be laid to rest. So if you have a taste for the fantastic and an urge for the eerie, here's a list of places to visit:

(Of course, if you are spooked by the idea, this might be the perfect time for you to look up the nearest traveling notary in Seattle and leave the ghost-hunting to others to others while you take care of authenticating any documents that require a notary's touch.)

Kell's Irish Restaurant & Pub is likely the most haunted place in town. It gets itself onto more ghost-hunting television shows than any other. Located in the old Butterworth Building, it probably gained its ghoulish reputation because it was Seattle's first mortuary. More than death visited the old business, which later turned to a focal point for corruption and dirty doings of all kinds. If a little girl tries to lure your children to come and play, don't you believe it. She's one of the resident spirits. And beware of moving objects, creepy feelings and fleeting specters who aren't there when you take a second look.

The old Cadillac Hotel began it service to the community during the gold rush of 1889. It was temporary home to gold diggers, loggers and young adventurers who sometimes entertained young ladies of questionable repute. It was closed in 19970 when tougher fire restrictions were enacted and it couldn't come up to snuff, but passersby swear that at times, there are apparitions in the windows, if you have the nerve to look.

Flickering lights, apparitions and moving objects are reported at the Moore Theater. SyFy's Ghost Hunters failed to discern any when they investigated, but then, that's what ghosts do. They come around only when the unsuspecting are in the vicinity, not when they are being sought.

The mobile notaries in Seattle can point you in the direction of West High School, where a girl student reportedly committed suicide, then continued to haunt the place. There's no proof, of course, but students occasionally report seeing what's left of her roaming the hallways. Maybe she just wasn't prepared for her next class and took the easy way out.

Enough of haunting. If you boo at the very notion, there are other things to see and do in Seattle. The Pike Pace Market might be the logical place to meet a mobile attorney if you have need. That way you can get the shopping done, from foods to flowers, and have documents authorized by the notary all in one stop. Oh, and by the way. This all-purpose shopping spot overlooking the city's favorite oceanfront also boasts a ghost or two, including Princess Angeline, daughter of Chief Seattle, for whom the city was named. (Her Native American name was Kikisoblu.)

Maybe that's why so many people refer to the shopping megaplex as Seattle's "Soul." With its reputation for the occult, it's no wonder that in the same city you can find Steve's Weird House, Seattle's Official Bad Art Museum, Nevertold Casket Company (which sells one grim artifact at a time), the Fremont Troll, which spends its time under a bridge overpass, the Seattle Metaphysical Library, the Seattle Underground, which features a walk through the historical city center, which sank over time, and a dozen other unique sites.

The Seattle traveling notaries have seen them all and are willing to meet you at any one of them. That's why they are called mobile notaries. Your convenience is the prime focus of their unique service.

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