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Once your documents are notarized, record them (or have us do it for you) at the 
Los Angeles County Recorders Office:
11701 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Reseda Notary provides notary service at your convenience we also carry some of the standard forms. Reseda, California is a neighborhood within the City of Los Angeles, California. The streets of Roscoe, Victory, White Oak and Corbin are those boundaries. The concrete-lined Los Angeles River runs along the southern edge of Reseda. Reseda is located at 34.201N, 118.535W. Reseda Notary comes to your location 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is relatively flat and is approximately 740 ft. above sea level. It is not widely known that the epicenter of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake was actually in Reseda. Northridge is a much more upscale community than Reseda, which is a downwardly transitional blue-collar and modest white-collar community. For example, per capita income in Northridge is US$24,122 while in Reseda it is US$15,142. For the State of California, that figure is US$16,409 (US Census 1990). The epicenter at first was reported as being in San Fernando, then a few hours later "somewhere near Northridge", and was pinpointed in Reseda about a week later. By this point, however, the media had dubbed it the "Northridge" earthquake. The business and cultural centers of Reseda are Reseda Boulevard and Sherman Way. Reseda is home to a large duck pond that lies inside the large Reseda Park at the corner of Reseda :Blvd. and Victory Blvd. Reseda Notary provides mobile Notary service that gets a professional notary to your location to notarize your documents.

In the county of Los Angeles a mobile notary located in Reseda will come right to your location. Our notaries are loan signing agent specialist. The Traveling notary public can notarize any type of documents and we carry some of the common forms.  We provide apostilles service taking your documents to the Secretary of State and the Los Angeles recorder's office.  Serving Los Angeles county cities.

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