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(805) 557-8380 & (818) 789-3742
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Once your documents are notarized, record them (or have us do it for you) at the 
Ventura County Recorders Office:
800 S Victoria Ave, Ventura, CA 93003

Westlake Village, California is located within the Conejo Valley, in Ventura County. The incorporated part of the city is actually located in Los Angeles County. Coming in at an amazing 5.21 square miles in area, nearly 8% of this area is actually water. Even though this community is located in two different counties and subject to two different governments depending on which area a citizen resides in, the citizens of Westlake Village generally feel unified. It seems as though the community was planned, designed, and built as one around an artificial lake, no matter what legal boundaries there may be. According to the latest census date in the year 2000, Westlake Village is home to some 8,000 citizens. It has many things that attract residents to the area (and shares this with its neighboring area of Thousand Oaks), like safe streets, good schools and serene surroundings. Many famous people in American Pop Culture are known residents of the city, like Wayne Gretzsky, Will Smith, Kurt Russel, Tia and Tamera Mowry (the twins from the hit show Sister Sister) and even Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. If the residents of the area were not enough of a clue, the area of Westlake Village is considered to be one of the wealthier portions of Ventura and the Greater Los Angeles areas.

In the county of Ventura a mobile notary located in Westlake Village will come right to your location. Our notaries are loan signing agent specialist. The Traveling notary public can notarize any type of documents and we carry some of the common forms.  We provide apostilles service taking your documents to the Secretary of State and the Ventura recorder's office.  Serving Ventura county cities.

Westlake Village Traveling Notary Public in Ventura County