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Artists, poets, body-builders, performers, street vendors and eccentrics of all stripes like Marina del Rey. And why not? What's not to like? Locals think of it as New York's Greenwich Village -- with better weather.

And it isn't even a bona fide city. It's an unincorporated seaside community and census-designate place (CDP) in Los Angeles County. You'll get your best view of the marina from Fisherman's Village. The marina is the world's largest man-made small craft harbor. It has eight basins with a capacity for 5,300 boats and is home to approximately 6,500 boats. Share that information with the local traveling notary when you meet up with him/her to have your signature notarized on your home sale documents. I'll bet he or she already knows it. Probably shares it with clients who aren't as in-the-know as you are.

The marina is a monument to human persistence Over more than 70 years, several failures to create a usable marina at that point on the coast were suffered. But the marshy area didn't deter eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes from locating his Hughes Tool Co. on more than a thousand acres in the Ballona Wetlands in 1940. This and other ventures kept the notion alive. President Eisenhower gave it new life by authorizing creation of a marina as a federal project. Despite challenges such as a violent 1962-63 storm season that proved the harbor vulnerable to strong waves, progress was made. Baffles were installed, replaced later with a bouldered jetty.

Marina del Rey residents think the name is fitting: Harbor of the King. That connotes the best, and that's what they think they have. It's a far cry from the area as it was in 1839 when two sets of brothers, Ygnacio and Augustin Machado and Felipe an Tomas Talamantes were given a land grant that included the lagoon.

As recently as 1968, oil rigs were part of the local decor. They appeared in the area in the 1920s when "black gold" was discovered under the rail lines of the famed Pacific Electric Red Car Line. Today, the rigs are gone and the area is devoted to all sorts of recreation and high-class housing.

With water a the core of Marina del Rey's historic development, it will come as no surprise that the water recreation opportunities are unparalleled. Harbor and Santa Monica cruises, sail and power boat rentals, skippered charters, full- and half-day fishing trips that produce halibut, yellowfin tuna, perch, barracuda, rockfish, cod, mackerel and seas bass -- all available at the drop of a credit card. Beach combers are rewarded with a continually replenishing supply of shells. Brown pelicans and other shore birds offer an ongoing show for birdwatchers.

Line up a date with one of the Marina del Rey traveling notaries and meet at the Fisherman's Village where a collection of restaurants, souvenir shops and outlets for harbor tours and fishing cruises are located. Maybe he or she, while going through your document and preparing to affix the vital seal, will suggest what activity will provide the best recreation. The Catalina Flyer Ferry is on standby to take seafarers to Catalina Island.

Maps, brochures, coupons and a visitor's guide are all available at the Marina del Rey Convention and Visitors Bureau. There are many things to do that don't involve a credit card, such as a stroll on Waterfront Wall; Burton W. Chace Park, which overlooks the marina and boat docks. It has picnic tables and a grassy area where you can relax. Cyclists are blessed with the Marvin Braude Bike Path that passes through the city and follows a course along the harbor and along safe-designated streets and boulevards with specially designed paths. Rent a bicycle for the occasion if you don't have your own. And you're off for a pleasant interlude in own of California's most attractive shore attractions.

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