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If the first thing that springs to mind when you hear about Tarzana, Calif., is the fictional hero, Tarzan, who did amazing deeds of daring-do in a jungle venue, you are right on. The city was named for the character whose best friends were apes and who immortalized the line: "Me Tarzan, you Jane" through a half dozen movies, innumerable serials and the usual Hollywood works.

Tarzan's creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs, gave the berg its name when he owned a ranch with that name in that area of the San Fernando Valley in the the 1920s and beyond. But long before Burroughs came on the scene, as any of the city's traveling notaries would tell you, the spot was occupied, beginning in 1797, by Spanish settlers and missionaries who founded the San Fernando Mission. At the end of the Mexican War in 1848, the area was ceded to the United States and it entered upon an era of large ranch activity. In the 1870s, it was taken over by investors who had visions of wheat lands replacing grazing lands. Then, following the typical California evolution, it succumbed to modern development that turned it into an affluent suburb of Los Angeles.

One of the exceptional buildings in Tarzana, in case you'd like to meet a mobile attorney there to transact important business, is the giant Cadillac Building, a bricks-and-mortar replica of the Fleetwood Cadillac. Originally it was pink, but it has been painted white. Architect Lee Oakes stated in an article appearing in the L.A. Times that "Ventura Boulevard is about as American as you can get, and what's more American than a big luxury car -- a Cadillac?" He described it as "symbolic, but abstract."

If you are looking for adventure in the Tarzana area, look into some of the caving opportunities. The Cave of Munits is in the area and the Vanalden Cave is just a half mile off a well-used trail, but it is not marked, so go prepared with local information. The cave is about 15 feet tall and is quite a large subterranean room. Vandals have diminished the experience, but it is worth the climb, according to locals, including the Tarzana notaries who are familiar with their town. Holes in the ceiling of the cave let in light and facilitate photography.

Name droppers have a clutch of actors, actresses, athletes, etc. that the local notaries can point out as residents of Tarzana at some time. They include: Jonah Hill, Mike Connors, Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, Jon Lovitz and Hailee Steinfeld. The city also has sites that have been the setting for movie and TV productions. The Tarzana Armenian Deli, for instance, was the setting for" Six Feet Under." The Portola Middle School was the scene for "The Karate Kid," " Akeelah and the Bee" and" Thirteen," and hosts the ongoing Disney Channel show Bizaardvark.

It's a great place to visit and a great place to do business, with a readily available mobile notary always on call to meet wherever it's convenient to add their official seal to all documents that require that verification.

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