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Since way back in the 1920s, Culver City has been noted for its connections with the movies. It is the home of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. But as diversity has come to town, it also is home to Hughes Aircraft Co., National Public Radio West, Sony Pictures Entertainment and the NFL Network studio.

Long, long before media-mania absorbed Americans, this area of California was home to the Tongva Indians, who had ranged there since at least 8000 BC. During the Spanish era, it was part of the Rancho La Ballona, Rancho Rincon de los Bueyes and Rancho La Cienaga o Paso de la Tijera. During the American Civil War, it was the site of Camp Latham, headquarters for the 1st California Infantry and the 1st California Cavalry. The camp was the staging area for training of Union Army troops in the West and central to the Union's California operations.

Harry Culver first tried to establish a city bearing his name in 1913. It took until September 1917 to get the job done. The city was one of a number of "whites-only" communities springing up in southern California in that era. Over time, it has become much more diverse and has thrived on a broad spectrum of commerce and industry. It was here that Howard Hughes conceived of and built his controversial "Spruce Goose," an one-of-a-kind airplane that logged one flight.

One of California's first shopping malls rose here and it has long boasted a "some-of-everything" commercial mix. Throw in a cadre of mobile notaries and this really is a great place to live. The notaries are all well-prepared to provide their services in authenticating important documents that regulate some of the most important business of individual lives. They are on call to meet with clients whenever and wherever it is convenient, so you can meet, greet and complete whatever business you require in the most expeditious way.

The movie memories run deep. Silent comedy director Hal Roach held forth here until the studios were demolished in 1963. And the MGM backlot and RKO Pictures (later Desilu Productions) all disappeared to make way foro the hayden Industrial Tract. Other MGM property was razed to accommodate a shopping center known as Raintree Plalza. In the 1990s, a successful revitalization program saw renovation of downtown Culver City and environs. During this project, Sony's Columbia Pictures subsidiary moved onto part of the old MGM lot, preserving the historical movie ties.

An influx of art galleries and restaurants into the area dubbed the Culver City Art District got high praise from the New York Times, which in 2007 described it as a "nascent Chelsea." It would just make good sense to call up one of the Culver traveling notaries to get your new power of attorney witessed and sealed before spending an evening in the pedestrian-friendly art center. Think about it: your necessary business done and a treat for your more sophisticated side. What could be better?

For several decades, some of America's most impressive movies poured out of the Culver Citiy studios, including such deathless classics as "Gone With the Wind," "Rebecca," "E.T.: The Extraterrestrial" and many, many others. When television took center stage, some of the best loved and most enduring series also were born in the same studios. Culver City has long enjoyed fame by association, getting specific mention in many of the movies that were produced in its city limits, including "The Aviator," a take on Howard Hughes' aviation antics.

For movie buffs, it's a "smile-a-minute" place to be.

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