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The city of Orange which is in the County of Orange has a favorite hotspot for the mobile notary to take a break between driving from one client to another, that is Old Town Orange, a historic landmark. With a bunch of the notaries crazy for antiquing, it's hard to find place in one square mile that has such a high concentration for antique shops. While there you can veg out at the gorgeous water fountain in the central plaza.

It all began in 1920 with a two mule deer. And now features California's black bear. You guessed it, the 0C Zoo! The city of Oranges Zoo also features native southwestern plants and animals. A lovely place to relax, see the sights and take lots of selfie's. While using your cell phone, you can take advantage of their free audio tour. And download videos and photos of the animals at the zoo. For those of you who like to be one with the animals, the OC Zoo has a petting zoo too!

The traveling notary in orange cruises around town listening to free music downloads provided courtesy of the city of Orange. They also provide e-books, e-audiobooks, e-magazines, and e-research. This is a wonderful free resource provided by the city!

With having 22 parks, there are lots of opportunities all over the city to enjoy an outdoor barbecue with big open grassy areas, water features and playgrounds. Also, stretch your legs and take advantage of the many trails throughout the city of Orange. When we have time for a short break, it is always nice to explore the different parts of town.

It's amazing how much the town has to offer. The recreational center has so many different types of classes some of our notaries favorites include yoga, kickboxing, volleyball, soccer, and golf to just name a few.

Our mobile notary in orange has a green thumb, yes! Thanks to Chris over at the OC farm supply. He has so many gardening tips that we truly appreciate. No question is too basic for him. Thank U Chris!

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